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6 DIY Stores That Can Help You In A Jiffy

It’s the worst feeling in the world: the sinking feeling you get when you’ve broken something.

Nobody’s perfect, so we all make mistakes from time to time.

The worst time for this to happen is on holiday, but thankfully there’s a decent choice of places you can visit in Skeggy to buy the things you need to mend whatever it is that you’ve broken.

Whether it’s a broken bed in your caravan or an unfortunate hole in the wall in your timeshare property, these trusted purveyors of all things DIY are on hand to give you some much needed advice and kit you out with everything you need to patch things up.

Check out these DIY stores to see if they’ve got what you need and don’t forget to check their sites for opening times:


For everything home and garden related you can’t really go wrong with B&Q. You’ll find everything here from standard DIY tools to light fittings, taps and pipes. This store employs tonnes of people from the local area, so if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for it’s worth asking a member of staff for help as they’re sure to know someone who can get you what you need.


Located in the nearby town of Alford, Handyman somehow manages to stock every conceivable spare part that you could imagine needing. You can tell from the outside that this place has been going for a while as the windows are absolutely crammed with odds and ends. Don’t bother trying to look for anything yourself, just ask the friendly shop keep yourself and they’ll be able to find it for you whether it’s stove spares or light bulbs.

BEC Ltd.

If you’re hiring a static caravan whilst you’re in Skegness or have chosen to drive or tow your own caravan here then you can trust BEC to stock the spares and accessories that you might have forgotten to bring with you. This family run business specialise in stocking all the bits and pieces that you would have left at home, they also have a good range of hardware supplies if you’re looking to do a bit of maintenance on your caravan whilst you’re here.

Shine Cleaning

There are few local companies that can get so many jobs done in such a short space of time. Dave and Tracey have been running Shine Cleaning for years now and this experience has led to them being one of the busiest cleaning outfits in the area. They’re jacks of all trades, offering domestic cleaning and even oven cleaning services. If you’re looking for oven cleaning in Bicester then you might want to look elsewhere as they only work within Skegness and its surrounding villages.


If there’s one thing that you can say about Wilko it’s that you always know what you’re getting from them. Founded in 1930 this reputable high-street store has been supplying the British public with a wide range of household items, affordable DIY goods and cleaning products ever since. This is a budget store, so don’t expect to get the best quality goods from here, but you can almost guarantee that whatever you buy will be good value.

MKM Building Supplies Skegness

For the more challenging DIY projects you’ll need to call in the big boys. MKM Building Supplies Skegness are the go-to choice for local handymen, builders and electricians, so you can safely bet that they’ll be able to offer you a solution to your problem. Make sure that you check their opening times, as there’s a good chance they won’t be open for full hours during the weekend.

Annual Events in Skegness: Mark Your Diary!

Skegness is so much more than just a seaside resort…

Each and every year, hordes of businesses, hobbyists, car enthusiasts and music lovers head to our town to enjoy some of the biggest events in their niche.

From classic car rallies, to folk music festivals, featuring some of the biggest international names in the world; thanks to the world-class hospitality that we’ve been offering for the past 80 years, we’ve built a reputation for being a welcoming and warm town that can deal with the demands of thousands of people on a daily basis.

The hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, chippies, pubs and bars are ready and waiting to serve you on your next trip to Skegness, so why not plan to stop by for one of the regular festivals or events and see what all the fuss is about.

SO Festival

The first SO Festval (named after the iconic ‘Skegness is SO bracing’ slogan) took place in 2009. Funded and ran by East Lindsey District Council, in conjunction with Arts Council England, the festival is a riotous affair, celebrating the arts and entertainment in the glorious outdoors. Festival highlights over the years have included Les Commandos Percu & Deabru Beltzak, open-air opera screenings and a map of Skegness recreated in cake.

When? End of June-Start of July

Where? Spilsby, Horncastle, Alford, Marblethorpe, Skegness

Skegness Scooter Rally

For one weekend in August, the streets of Skegness come alive with the roar of mopeds and scooters. The Skegness Scooter Rally is a weekend long event that brings together many of the local Scooter clubs and societies for a weekend of cruising and fun competitions. Its a family friendly event, money is raised for charity and there’s live music. This year entertainment came from The Modfellas, Not Quite Geoff and The Beat.

When? Early August

Where? Skegness

Skegness Carnival

The event of the year in Skegness takes place for a week each year in August. Whilst all eyes are on the streets for the final day parade, there are loads of great activities and competitions that take place throughout the week leading up to it. Book the week off and come to Skegness for Carnival week, where you can enjoy everything from an open mic night, to a sand sculpting competition and pet show!

When? Mid-August 2018

Where? Skegness

The Great British Rock & Blues Festival

Butlins first opened it’s door to eager British holidaymakers all the way back in 1936 and Skegness was the very first location that it opened at. 80 years later and the holiday resort is still a massive draw for the town, bringing hundreds of thousands of people to Skeggy every year to enjoy the Summer sun. The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes in though; during the winter you can see the very best British Blue and Rock artists all within the grounds of Butlins!

When? January 19th-22nd 2018

Where? Butlins, Skegness


Skegness Stadium was constructed back in 1977 as a greyhound racing track. For twenty years it served this purpose, until 1997 when the track was converted for the purposes of speedway racing. Today the stadium plays hosts to regular stock car racing events, including truck shows and motorbike stunt performers. If you want to see what happens when a monster truck barrels into a pile of sports cars (hint: an explosion of vintage Porsche parts) or a thrilling caravan race, then head down to the Winternationals, their biggest event of the Winter season.

When? November 19th 2017

Where? Skegness Stadium

5 Skeggy-Based Restaurants You Should Eat At

A trip to Skegness isn’t complete without at least one plate of Fish’n’Chips.

This seaside standard is a classic meal that any international visitors simply must try. It’s a dish that you simply can’t find done well outside of the UK. If you’re looking to get the very best Fish’n’Chips then you should resist going to the budget places and find a place that charges a little bit more. Most of the time an increase in price will reflect that the restaurant has paid a little extra for their ingredients, which means that the end product is bound to taste better.

There’s no shortage of decent Fish’n’Chips places in Skegness – if you want to get the inside track, the locals often rave about Epton Ltd. and The Blue Fin. You’ll know you’re eating a decent plate of Fish’n’Chips when the chips are hand cut, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The Fish should be flaky but firm and have a good layer of light, crispy batter.

Once you’ve had a good plate of Skegness Fish’n’Chips then you can move on to some of the other great restaurants that are in the local area:


Named after the legendary movie director, the talented chefs at Tarantino serve up a wide range of authentic Italian dishes that deliver big on both flavour and portion size! Italy might be a long way away, but you’ll certainly feel transported there by the traditional pizza and excellent veal cutlets – this is a real local favourite!

Pie Palace

Only in the East Midlands will you find a restaurant called ‘Pie Palace’. Pies are obviously on the menu here, in this conveniently located cafe but there’s also a big range of other great value meals and desserts that will get the whole family excited. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a naughty treat – Pie Palace doesn’t disappoint.

Windmill Restaurant

Burgh le Marsh is a little market town, just a short drive away from Skegness. You might lose the charming seaside flavour for an evening, but you can make up for that with a touch of class by eating meal at the Windmill Restaurant. Although the prices are a little steeper than the Skegness standard, the quality of the meal will certainly not disappoint you.


You don’t have to be a genius to work out what kind of cuisine Steak’n’Stuff specialise in. Serving up big variety of meats in a whole assortment of different cuts, the chefs at Steak’n’Stuff know exactly what they’re doing, that’s why the restaurant is the most popular steakhouse in the whole of Skegness! Although you can turn up and grab a table, it’s usually best to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

The View

It’s hard to miss The View, a four-storey beachside restaurant that has been serving visitors of the beach at Skegness for years now. Go during the summer months to enjoy one of their legendary milkshakes, it’s a popular spot during the day but it really shines when it comes to the evenings. With views of the sun setting into the ocean it can often be easy to forget that you’re in Skegness at all!

Useful Local Businesses Are Here To Help!

Suit Hire? Van man? Caterer?

Don’t worry: Skegness has you covered!

On top of being one of the premier tourist destinations for the UK, Skegness is also full of fantastic local businesses with decades of experience in their local fields. In addition to a great selection of some of the best high street stores, there are thousands of hardworking individuals throughout Skegness that are more than eager to help you out with whatever service you require. All you need to do is ask!

We’ve compiled a little list of some of the most trustworthy businessman in Skeggy, who you can rely on to help you out in a moment’s notice:

Skegness Removals & Storage

Established all the way back in 1986, business owner Ron Smith has a tonne of experience in his chosen business. His fleet of blue vans are a familiar sight here in Skegness and his drivers are well known for being friendly and reliable. Ron’s covers the entirety of the mainland, so whether you’re moving into or out of Skegness, he’s more than happy to help you with any of your removal and storage needs.

Practical Car & Van Rental

Whether you’re looking to rent a beast of a motorhome to cruise around the country or a modern vehicle to drive through some of the nearby AONBs that surround Skegness, then Practical have what you need. Fancy picking the car up in Skeggy and dropping it off at another city? No problem – because Practical is a franchised company, you can arrange to do exactly that, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to car hire.

Dapur Yali

Are you in need of first-class catering for your event in Skegness? Instead of ordering in the standard Sandwich Buffet, why not go one step further and book these locally based Indonesian caterers? Specialising in the fantastically vibrant food of their home country, they’re also skilled English cooks whose cakes are perfect for Birthdays and Weddings! This small company is based is nearby Spilsby, but have no qualms with travelling further afield for the the work.

Greenwoods Suit Hire

Greenwoods have been providing the people of Great Britain with elegant suits for over 150 years now. Whether you’re looking for traditional black tie attire for a wedding or a more sombre charcoal suit for a funeral – this long-running establishment has the right look for you. Stocking classic styles as well as more more modern numbers, this branch of Greenwoods is a perfect place to visit if you’re in need of a suit in a hurry – they also provide a great delivery service!

Butchers 4U

It’s Summer time – the beach is buzzing, your belly’s rumbling, there’s only one thing that you should be thinking of sorting out: a BBQ. Grab a disposable job from a local supermarket and then head to Skegness’ premium purveyor of meat goods: Butchers 4U. Just ask them for one of their BBQ offers which will set you up with a big variety of meats for the perfect summer BBQ feast!

G & T Hunting Outdoor

You’ll have to be at least 18 years of age to buy your first Airgun, but if you’re keen on getting some target practice in at the Lincolnshire Shooting Centre, then you’ll need to gear up at the best Gun Shop in town. G & T Hunting Outdoor might have some odd opening hours, but their customer service is always highly praised.

[If you’re struggling to find the right stuff there, then you can always check out this sporting wholesale site instead.]

AONBs near to Skegness

Use Skegness as a base for your next rural getaway!

If you’re planning on visiting the UK for a long time then it might be worth considering taking a little trip out to a rural area, near to Skegness, to get a taste of England’s famed countryside.

Although most international visitors choose to spend their time in the major cities of the UK, like London, Cardiff and Liverpool, they’re usually unaware that they’re completely missing out on some of the hidden gems that we have to offer – Skegness being one of these. However, with rising prices in the big cities starting to put off potential tourists, visitors to our little town have been rising steadily, with more and more people choosing to not just holiday here, but to use it as a base to explore the rest of what the country has to offer.

In light of this recent change in behaviour, we’ve decided to knock up a list of the best places to visit nearby Skeggy. Some of these trips might require the rental of a car, or hopping on a train but, much like our Skegness, all of these places are stunning spots of beauty that will not only be worth the trip, but are likely to be blissfully quiet and peaceful, making them a perfect option for a quick break from the hectic party-town atmosphere that Skegness is so famous for.

Forest Of Bowland

Although there are Areas of Natural Beauty closer to Skeggy than the Forest of Bowland, it’s hard to beat this idyllic spot in terms of beauty and peace. There are dozens of trails that wind themselves all the way through the Forest, making it a great place to hike through. It’ll take you around 4 hours to drive from Skeggy to the Forest of Bowland, so you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got somewhere to stay over night. To get the complete experience, you should book a static caravan at the Forest of Bowland and make the most of a weekend amongst the trees.

The Lincolnshire Wolds

It may not be the largest of the Areas on Natural Beauty in the UK, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in beauty. Designated as an AONB all the way back in 1973, it’s hard to argue with the decision. The Wolds cover a space of 216 square miles, incorporating coastal marshes, flat glens and the Lincoln Clay Vale. Luckily, for visitors to Skegness, these gorgeous sights can be found just on the doorstep of the town’s outskirts. A quick drive out will take you right into the heart of the fens.

Peak District National Park

Just under three hours away from Skegness, lies the the Peaks, a massive are of countryside that is one of the best representations of rugged English beauty. Unlike the Lake District, the name of this area is fairly misleading. The Peak District does not feature a large amount of high peaks, however, it does have a large amount of rounded hills and valleys that give commanding views of the area. Quaint towns, like Bakewell, are dotted within the limits of the District making for great stop-offs during your day out from Skeggy.

The Carnival Has Begun!

For those of you who’ve somehow managed to miss it so far – the Skegness Carnival Week has begun!

From the 13th-18th August, Skegness becomes chock full of visitors as our, now legendary, Carnival gets into swing. This year the theme for the Carnival is the Circus, a theme that is totally in line with the vibe of this vibrant and exhilarating town.

It’s not too late to get in on the action, just drop whatever you’re doing, book yourself some accommodation and drive yourself straight over to the East of the country to experience one of the greatest Carnival experiences that the UK has to offer!

Here’s a quick run down on of what’s going on this week for the Carnival:

Skegness Carnival mascot, Carnival Charlie will once more be out and about in the town, so be sure to keep an eye out for him.

As always, judges will be out and about in search of this year’s Skegness Carnival Queen, Princess and Rosebud. If you’d like your daughter to be considered for the award then you can email the carnival organisers using this email:

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss all fun that will be going down at Skegness this week!