6 DIY Stores That Can Help You In A Jiffy

It’s the worst feeling in the world: the sinking feeling you get when you’ve broken something.

Nobody’s perfect, so we all make mistakes from time to time.

The worst time for this to happen is on holiday, but thankfully there’s a decent choice of places you can visit in Skeggy to buy the things you need to mend whatever it is that you’ve broken.

Whether it’s a broken bed in your caravan or an unfortunate hole in the wall in your timeshare property, these trusted purveyors of all things DIY are on hand to give you some much needed advice and kit you out with everything you need to patch things up.

Check out these DIY stores to see if they’ve got what you need and don’t forget to check their sites for opening times:


For everything home and garden related you can’t really go wrong with B&Q. You’ll find everything here from standard DIY tools to light fittings, taps and pipes. This store employs tonnes of people from the local area, so if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for it’s worth asking a member of staff for help as they’re sure to know someone who can get you what you need.


Located in the nearby town of Alford, Handyman somehow manages to stock every conceivable spare part that you could imagine needing. You can tell from the outside that this place has been going for a while as the windows are absolutely crammed with odds and ends. Don’t bother trying to look for anything yourself, just ask the friendly shop keep yourself and they’ll be able to find it for you whether it’s┬ástove spares or light bulbs.

BEC Ltd.

If you’re hiring a static caravan whilst you’re in Skegness or have chosen to drive or tow your own caravan here then you can trust BEC to stock the spares and accessories that you might have forgotten to bring with you. This family run business specialise in stocking all the bits and pieces that you would have left at home, they also have a good range of hardware supplies if you’re looking to do a bit of maintenance on your caravan whilst you’re here.

Shine Cleaning

There are few local companies that can get so many jobs done in such a short space of time. Dave and Tracey have been running Shine Cleaning for years now and this experience has led to them being one of the busiest cleaning outfits in the area. They’re jacks of all trades, offering domestic cleaning and even oven cleaning services. If you’re looking for oven cleaning in Bicester then you might want to look elsewhere as they only work within Skegness and its surrounding villages.


If there’s one thing that you can say about Wilko it’s that you always know what you’re getting from them. Founded in 1930 this reputable high-street store has been supplying the British public with a wide range of household items, affordable DIY goods and cleaning products ever since. This is a budget store, so don’t expect to get the best quality goods from here, but you can almost guarantee that whatever you buy will be good value.

MKM Building Supplies Skegness

For the more challenging DIY projects you’ll need to call in the big boys. MKM Building Supplies Skegness are the go-to choice for local handymen, builders and electricians, so you can safely bet that they’ll be able to offer you a solution to your problem. Make sure that you check their opening times, as there’s a good chance they won’t be open for full hours during the weekend.